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Discover What People Said About Alternative Kidz

Jimena Gomez Paratcha, says: “Thank you…it [the magazine] is such a fantastic resource for children.”

Jonathan Porritt, Forum for the Future, says: “Great stuff! …a really great initiative.”

Youth & Education Officer, FOE says: “it’s a great publication.”

Suzi Solo, Customer, says: “a massive THANK YOU…{I am} so pleased there is a magazine that I am happy to buy for my children.”

Home Education magazine, educate otherwise, says: “four hour’s solid entertainment.”

Motorhome Freedom: It was a great publication to help pass time when doing long drives with the children.

Emily Martyn, subscriber, says : “I really, really like your magazine – it is the best I have ever read.”

Families Liverpool magazine says: “Finally! An intelligent, fun and entertaining magazine for children aged 8-12, totally devoid of pop stars exploits and tweenage product plugs.”

Leah Duffy & Sahara Charles, Year 2 pupils in a London school, say: “This magazine is a great chance for children to have their say about life.”

Christine Cousins, Educational Psychologist says: “…just what the education market has been waiting for.”

Roland Brown, librarian said “Very well presented…Healthy mix of bizarre and serious issues…has addressed the need to entertain and inform. Daisy (11) and Jack (8) loved it. As a librarian, I would buy it for a junior/prep school.”

Rebecca O’Connor (parent) “…my seven year old daughter was delighted to receive her Spring 2007 issue…”

Noel Edwards, deputy head, Goodrich CofE Primary School (teaching 7-9 year olds)”…the choice of vocab is perfectly pitched for ease and for challenge.”

Paula Hooks (parent)
“A wonderful publication.”

Alternative Kidz – A Great Childrens Magazine

Jonathan Porritt, Forum for the Future, says: Great stuff! …a really great initiative.